The Journey Begins

Hey, thanks a myriad for joining me. You know not how deeply thrilled i am to have you with me as i journey through the realms of creativity in the hope of tickling your imagination. I realise that your adoration for Art and my love for words has culminated in the collision of our lives at this point in time. Hence i ask-as only a humble poet can-that you open your mind and try to find it in your heart to take satisfaction from my Art.

I pray in my heart that you have a splendiferous a time as i, and hope that you might be inspired to take my words to heart. Your love for poetry, prose and all things creative is what led me down the path of starting a blog, and so i cannot thank you enough for the opportunity bestowed upon me. As a result, i have deemed it a personal challenge of mine to compose art that seeks to tread into your heart and leave you with something of deeper value.

Our future, as seen in my minds eye is steeped in the company of great poetry, prose and satire. And though i know how challenging it will be to keep your hearts sated, i take solace in the fact that one day we shall look back towards this day and see it as but the genesis of our blissful relationship.

And please, feel free to comment with some much needed constructive criticism and perhaps a word of praise here and there.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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