The Land of Mend and Bend

Was neither good
Nor bad.
I woke from bed
feeling slightly sad
that my dream went mad
but was more than glad
That i still fed
From the fruits of this land.
This land, that offers a blend
of mend and bend.

Eyes open to the skies
I see the immense size
Of this dome
Beneath which lies my home.

This unforgiving land
On which grow the trees.
Where one might sail the seven seas
Was never made to keep you on your knees
Nor to please you in your ease.

Try to set sail
And you’ll return to regale-
Us with a tale
That could make the masses wail.
In this land
One needs a strong will
To sail the seven seas
That can easily seize
Your wish to arrive-
Home in one piece.

When the High Seas cease
To appear pleased
That your ease
Was blown away with ease
By a mighty breeze
And the storm conformed
To tread thunder your way
Hoping that you blunder
Your way out of wonder.
This land will make you ponder
Why you decided to wander
Outside of your border.

This land is chaos and order
In no specific order
All geared towards making you stronger.

But what happens when
You’re standing by the stern
With waves ready to condemn
And sharks circling in?

When waves of worry
Wash away visions of glory
And crash against your sure
Seeking to keep you from shore
And to leave you on the sea floor
Drowning in your flaws?

You may feel like throwing in the towel
When the land makes you scowl
As you prowl-
With eyes of an owl
How exactly to keep the ground
Beneath your feet sound.

When the sky rumbles
And the earth trembles.
You’ll find yourself wanting to grumble
And muffle a mumble when you stumble
Upon the bundle
That stayed you from the mantle.

When your hopes fall prey
To the predators that stray
Into the place were we stay
Till way past after we lay
For having a good day.
You’ll find yourself wanting to say
That nothing will ever be okay.

This land is old.
This land is proud.
And also very loud.
It will crowd-
You beneath a cloud
Of your own doubt
So that you might-
Opt to adopt
An attitude of negativity
Towards reality.

This land is a force, it is gravity
That cares not for pretty or witty.
Kind and greedy
Independent or needy
You will fall to its gravity
Because it knows no sympathy.

This land is clay
It will mold-
Your plans for the future
Into a sculpture
That remains unsure
Of its pure nature.

What happens when a forest fire
Leaves your crops dire?
When it raises the level of your ire
Until you tire
Of growing them any higher?
Will your mind sire-
Sentiments that hire
The services of thoughts
That leave you in a mire?
Or will we be left to admire
The will of your desire to inspire.

When dawn decrees the rise
Of your perceived demise
And makes you realize
That what your eyes
See for truth is lies
That leave you wanting a disguise
So you never see the skies.

Will you accumulate dust
When dusk
Tries to bask
In the hardening of your task?
Or will you mask your lust
That from here you want to bust?

What happens when
The lightning lights
Your peaceful night
And sets your dreams in a fright
So that you want to take flight
And just end the fight
Thinking that perhaps the light
Was never ever your right?

When the peaks of Mountains
May seem too far to reach
Coz you’re no longer rich
In mental clarity
And deprived of the physical energy
Needed to keep yourself upright.

And when finally
You sag your shoulders in pain
Falling boulders-
Seeking to crush you in shame
So that you want to blame
The land for your pain.
Know, face with an unknown name
That that pain will one day be the bane
That aids you gain

No one can give you better advice than yourself.


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