Jack of all Trades, Master of One

oh! sing to me bard
of that tale not so long ago
lived by he with the Midas touch.

the tale of he that had a plan
to always do the best he can.

he was like the philosopher's stone
turning lead into gaudy gold
and bad art into a sight to behold.

he that foretold the future
weather or not he was sure
or in his profession mature.

his eyes looked to the sky
and like a bird wanted to fly
so build a plane he did try

so those that had before failed
come to be the masses that hailed
him as his device was unveiled.

he that possesses the Midas touch
could leave many a fine mistress
yearning for the warmth of his caress.

but, if ever he must confess
then let it be known he left many in distress
on his quest to win the game of chess.

the Jack of all trades Master of one
was skilled in a great many disciplines
one of which could never be undone
as he was master of ending his home.

This content , ‘ Jack of all Trades, Master of One ‘ is under copyright of The Poets Peace.
Lazarus Shatipamba
© 2019 The Poets Peace

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The more things you care about, the less meaningful caring becomes.

Zat Rana

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