Five Apps I Could Not Live Without

If you love what you do and are willing to do what it takes, it’s within your reach.

Steve Wozniak

I almost did not write this post.

Not because i don’t have a favorite list of apps on my smartphone. But, because i miraculously have not had a phone for five months now (how this came to be is a story for another day).

Still going strong though.

I almost did not write this post. As i would be contradicting today’s challenge.

Me not having a phone for months should serve as living proof that one can indeed live without a phone. In fact, you can actually thrive.
The first few weeks were the worst, but i weathered them and i am now glad to say, that i have thoroughly enjoyed my time without the pressure from a modern cellular device.

I almost did not write this post.

Until i thought back to a time when i had a phone.

Which then made me think to myself; back when i had a phone, what were the apps i could not live without?


Image by Pettycon from Pixabay

No surprises here, as i constantly needed to have a close outlet for my free flowing mind. I used my notepad on average 2 many times a day. If you were a stray thought in my head, looking like you might be a building block to a masterpiece, then you went into the notepad.

2. Habithub

This awesome app comes in second, only because i’m a poet and a writing app was always going to top my list.

But, when it came to motivating me for the day, as well as maintaining a record of my habits, there was no app more fab than Habithub. I used this guy to help me set and follow a routine for making reading, exercising and meditating my daily habits.

What i most enjoyed about this app were the inspirational quotes it delivered to my notifications bar every morning.

3.LOA Library

In my highly opinionated view, this is by far the best repository app of books about the mind. Boasting the best Law Of Attraction books to be found anywhere, i used this app to educate myself about the power of my mind.


Image by Webster2703 from Pixabay

Instagram because all those poems written in the notepad needed somewhere to be posted and hopefully admired by the masses.

5. AnyAppThatPlayedMusic

This one just had to be here. I mean, what normal person in their right mind can live without music? If you know of any such person, tell us in the comment section. A poem needs to be penned of such a person.

That completes my list of five apps whose absence would have killed me. What are yours?

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