The Class

It all starts and ends in the mind. The most crucial skill is how you think.

Zat Rana
Image by MoteOo from Pixabay

The group of about 20 or so students, 
noisily seat themselves behind their desks
and look curiously at the stranger in front.

Greetings class, my name is Mr Wiki Pedia and i’ll be filling in for your usual class teacher, Mrs Gle Goo. Our lesson today will be about blogging on the internet.

But, before we begin i’d like it if you all introduced yourselves to me.

Students introduce themselves.

So let’s get to it then. Do any of you know what a blog is?

Student seated at the back of class raises his hand.

Yes Lazarus, please tell the class what a blog is.

 "I think, maybe it's like a website 
but less professional because it allows one
a certain level of creative freedom."

That’s correct Lazarus, give yourself a tap on the back.

Although Lazarus is correct in his definition of what a blog is. There are a few things that he has left out. Perhaps out of ignorance, perhaps out of respect for my job.

So, what is a blog?

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.

A blog gives those not fluent in computer language the chance to run a website without needing the technical skills of a tech geek.

Student next to Lazarus raises hand.

Yes Michelle, your arm is raised?

Does that mean anyone can start a blog?

YES. So long as they can read and write; anyone can run a blog, from a single individual to a group of friends, as well as large or small businesses.

Blogs can come in many forms. Such as art blogs(that focus on art), photo-blogs(focus on photographs), vlogs(focus on video) and podcasts(that focus on audio).

Student in center of class noisily clears throat.

Mangy, would you like to ask a question?

Yes i would sir. 
So i understand what a blog is,
and that anyone can run it.
But, i want to know why anyone would start a blog.
Seems like a lot of unnecessary work to me.

Well Mangy, people start blogs for many reasons. You get people that want to share information on a certain topic, you get those that want to promote themselves or their business, and you get those that start a blog, simply to engage with different people and share ideas.

Also, if done right. A blog can be used as a passive source of income.

Blogs generally tend–Mr Wiki, how does one make money from a blog?

It seems Lazarus is getting way too excited. Some blogs, with a large enough following.
Generate income through companies that pay them to write positive product reviews.
For some, selling advertising space is their way of bringing in some big bucks.

Back to what i was saying before Lazarus derailed us with his excitement. Blogs tend to be very topic specific, for example we get travel blogs, health blogs, book blogs and fashion blogs etc.

You guys are actually quite lucky to be living in an era where blogs are being used by millions of people. This makes it easier for anyone starting a blog to grow an audience.

So if there is something you are passionate about,
Why not start a blog and make money from it?

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