The Africa I Never Read About

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

Mark Twain
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

I am not even going to lie.

I love Africa, yet growing up i never read much about her. I was always too busy falling in love with her to make time for anything either than exploring the rugged curves of her body.

When i wasn’t doing that, then i was most likely sitting before the television set for hours on end whilst assimilating its lies.

Its true, I LOVE Africa.

Which is why i decided to start reading about her when i grew to be a man. Yet, it hit my soft spot hard when the texts i came across portrayed her as a land brimming with tall, thin, pot-bellied people that have not eaten since the last tribal ritual a full moon gone. Where they proceeded to eating a fire cooked meal of monkey-brain and well spiced snake as well as worms for desert. All this without even flinching an inch.

The Africa i read about is a land teeming with disease ridden insects whose mouths water at the prospect of infecting their next victim.

What i read about Africa is a gruesome tale of a land buried beneath the rotting bodies of black men and women that fought for freedom and won against the White man, only to be crushed by the callus hands of his fellow black man.

The books i read, never drew me a pretty picture of Africa.

Never did they write about the benevolence of African leaders that make promises and actually keep them. Nor did they write about a peaceful Africa with zero civil war, or one were hospitals and social services are readily available to the ordinary man.

The texts i read; always made sure to mention the presidents that refuse to step down after their terms come to an end, the corrupt leaders that steal from the mouths of the poor to feed their growing appetites, as well as the number of people that fell to many an avoidable illness.

I have not yet read all the texts about Africa, so i maintain my belief that i will one day come across that one book that draws a pretty picture of Africa.

An Africa filled with healthy, strong people that are able to tend a rich, fertile soil in order to feed themselves. An Africa filled with people that accept their differences and love each other the more.

Who knows, perhaps in my next life i’ll read about a United States of Africa. Wouldn’t that be a pretty picture?

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