In tune with wind

We cannot truly face life until we face the fact it will be taken away from us.

Billy Graham

Listening to the soft sound of the leaves hiss,
As they blow in the wind to show their bliss.
I can hear the branches of the trees move-
In slow motion because they want to prove,
That they are indeed feeling much at ease,
For their senses are tuned into the breeze.

Looking at the moving branches of trees,
I witness birds sharing in on the thrills
Of this merry day that has much to say.
Though I need be going home, I choose to stay
Because this sight is a feast for my eyes-
That nourishes my mind and makes me wise.

Tasting the sweet flavor of the moment,
I witness it all before it is spent.
Long have I sat without making a move
In the lotus because I want to prove
That I am indeed feeling much at ease
For my senses are tuned into the breeze.

What’s that I smell? The scent of joy in air
As it oozes from my skin and my hair-
To mix with the sweat of the smiling trees.
The beauty in this moment, to my knees
Brings me; for to thank the Gods must I pray,
For gladly blessing me with this joyous day.

© 2019 The Poets Peace

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