Willy Steal Your Toys

Ashes fly back into the face of he who throws them.
Once upon a time in a city so divine
On a hill with a glorious view of the fine
Sun when it rises to spell the dawn
Sat the house, in whose room slept the boy
Many people called ‘Willy Steal Your Toy’.

Willy was a really wild boy, not mild
Even when he was still only a child-
Who began his career stealing crayons
From the other pre-school boys with less brawn,
After the sun had rose to spell the dawn.

Crayons weren’t the only things he stole when he was a boy.
He stole toys as well. Its why the kids called him Willy Steal Your Toy.
A name he earned when to his house on the hill
One day early before the sun spelled dawn
The other kids went, saw his toys and began to fawn.

Though Willy before the dawn was not woke
He rose in time to be asked why he stole
So many of the children’s toys.
He said “Mama never said I shouldn’t
And Dada never said I couldn’t.”

Even when Willy grew to be a teen.
Somewhere around the age of fifteen
He began stealing kisses from girls,
And the luscious lunch meals of boys from school
Who unfortunately, never thought it was cool-

For Willy to steal all their nutritious lunch,
And to leave them with nothing to munch.
So they elected to give him a new name
And so settled upon Willy Steal Your Meal
For all the lunches Willy did steal.

The boy they called Willy Steal Your Toy,
Up his sleeve always had a coy ploy.
Even before the sun rises to spell dawn
He has already devised a plan to steal
The lonely schoolboys luscious lunch meal.

Willy, when asked why he did steal
The hungry schoolboy’s lunch meal
Replied; “It is because I’ve been blessed
With such fingers that are long,
So I must keep doing what is wrong.”

One day early before the sun spelled dawn
When Willy had a beard, he went out and stole the lawn
From his neighbors house and took it home
Where he laid it nicely on the ground,
To walk on when out he was ever bound.

But in this house there lived a lady named Milly
Who walked over to the house of Willy
And snuck in through an open window
And found him in a room deeply sleeping
So she stole his heart so he stopped breathing.

But because at the time he was sleeping
He thus continued dreaming,
Even though he now be a lifeless body
Surrounded by the many toys
He stole from the other boys.

And here, in this house on a hill were sleeps Willy-
The boy who’s heart was stolen by Milly-
Resides the ghostly remains of his stolen toys
Who legend has it that whosoever shall take
These toys in his hands shall one day awake-

To be known as Willy Steal Your Toys.

Ā© 2019 The Poets Peace

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