Simon Says To Fawn

Once your thoughts reflect who you genuinely want to be, the appropriate emotions and the consequent behavior will flow automatically. Believe it and you will see it.

Wayne Dyer

Sneaky Simon Samuel Stevenson Shawn-
Quite sure you've never heard the name before
Was a boy who many names had to spawn.

At dawn, Simon Samuel Stevenson Shawn
When he sneaks past me on way to the store
Prefers it when i fawn at the name Shawn.

Yet, during the eve he wants me to mourn
The one he takes at dawn, for one before.
Then he goes by the name Steve and not Shawn.

But one day when to the dam we had gone
He tossed Steve into the deep dam before
My eyes and took up the name Sam, not Shawn.

One day, Simon Samuel Stevenson Shawn
Just when i began to think that no more
Names would be coming my way, said "Simon-

From now on will be my name when the dawn,
the evening and the deep dam are no more.
For Simon's the name with which i was born
And Simon says, you should begin to fawn."

© 2019 The Poets Peace

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