Light Behind The Cloud ✨

I have always been so self absorbed,
And I have always my vicinity ignored,

I have never truly seen from another’s eyes,
And I only thought to look when they were my allies.

I have never wondered what they were going through,
Oh, I only ever focused on what they put me through,

But when I stop and I stare at the world passing me by,
I realize there is so much life underneath a common sky.

Each and every passerby is living their own life,
Each and every one of them is facing their own strife,

And when I stop to understand where they might be coming from,
From ill feelings and negativity I am granted freedom.

©️lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

Meaning of Sonder: Theprofoundfeelingof realizing that everyone, includingstrangerspassed in the street, has alifeascomplexas one’s own, which they are constantly living despite one’s personal lack of awareness of…

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7 thoughts on “Sonder

      1. me too, but i’m not sure if i had a choice in the matter coz i was always destined to like it as long as you made sure to incorporate the evocative imagery and splendid use of language that’s present within this poem. And not just that, the message in it is one that i deeply resonate with…So really i should be the one thanking you for writing and sharing this mindfully self-aware piece with the world but of course i’ll gladly accept your thanks

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      2. Wow! You flatter me! 🙈 I am very grateful for such a well thought out response! I feel like generally most of us are too involved in our own lives to notice the people around us, and just a few kind words from our side have the potential to hold a massively positive impact on another person; we should always be mindful of our behavior towards other people, and that’s what I tried to encompass in my poem. I’m glad you found it relatable and felt like sharing with others too!

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      3. you deserve all the flattery you are getting…on my side, in my quest to be the best me i can be; i will read your poem everyday in order to remind myself to remember to be mindful of my behavior towards others. certainly hoping you woke up on the good side of bed and wishing you a wonderful week ahead

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thank you so much! I am so moved that my poem had such an impact on you. And yes, I did 😊 I hope you did as well, and I wish you a wonderful day and week ahead as well!

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