My first time writing poetry

Give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.

The first time i wrote a poem i was only fifteen and i wanted to write about the girl I’d seen, who’d captured my heart with her beauty and inspired me to express it through poetry.

In the library at school is where it transpired, this process of writing what i hoped would be admired by the chocolate skinned, brown eyed fair who made me stare so that i began to dare that one day she would be mine.

The first time i wrote a poem i didn’t think it was poetry. I was seated behind a desk in the library with a pen in my hand and a piece of paper on my table. The smell of ink hung heavy in the air. Will i be able to paint a pretty picture of her with nothing but words? Was one of the many thoughts that coursed through my mind.

Oblivious to the existence of any poetic techniques except for rhyme, it was a poem to be laughed at by poetic geeks. But somehow i had the courage to share it with her the next day,
and to my delight, she liked it and wondered if she could keep it.

So with positive feedback in my pocket, to enhance the confidence in my ability, to with a pen in my hand create reality, I was set on a journey of self-discovery through poetry.

The first time I wrote poetry I was only fifteen. Now I’m twenty two and long has it been since the first time I wrote poetry. Back then, i was clue less and did not know how to do it. But little did i know that six, seven years later, poetry would be my savior. My one. And only lover.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2020

The Poets Peace

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the story of my history with poetry. I’m glad you read it till the end, and so I would love to hear about your story with poetry as well. Feel free to let me know in the comments section and leave a like if you enjoyed the post.

3 thoughts on “My first time writing poetry

  1. Love this. I wrote my first when I was 15 too… a little more than 7 years ago… but it has been my friend all along through all sorts of stuff. My story is over at my blog… Into My Own…

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