Spread your wings and fly

The world doesn’t need more noise. Don’t complain. Set an example.

Zat Rana

Oh child! why don’t you spread your wings and fly?
I know you dream of it every night
in bed. So spread your wings why don’t you try
and see if you will fly to meet the sky?

Are you scared perhaps?
of flailing, failing and falling
to your doom?

Oh child! who wants so badly to meet the sky
but face your fears you will not even try.

Why don’t you just spread your wings
and take flight to pursue your plight?

I know the world never taught you
how to use your wings
much less that you’re a bird.

But I’m sure that deep down you know how
to spread your wings and fly
oh child! who is always staring at the sky.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2020

The Poets Peace

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