To super duper days

If your heart and mind rhyme, then your life will be sublime.

Lazarus Shatipamba

Do you ever just wake up feeling like today is going to be a super duper day,
and then today does end up being a super duper day?




In the quest to be my best I like to put the powers of my mind to the test by setting positive intentions for my days.

Why? Perhaps I’ve read way too many inspiring books on self-mastery that encourage courage to take on the day?

Mayhaps my inmost desire to be the creator of my reality demands that I use my ability to be who I want to be, to live my day as perfectly as I can?

It’s possible that my innate nature as a bliss junky is what drives me to seek out experiences that elevate my mood and stimulate my mind so that I can grow, to know how it feels to wow at the wonder of life.

On more than a few occasions I managed to make my mind and my heart rhyme–by aligning the mental intention that ‘Today is going to be a super duper day’ with the elevated emotions that are associated with good days–the result of which is usually a sublime day–a day where everything seems to go my way, where I learn new things, do new things, and get to meet and greet inspiringly interesting individuals.

It is on days like these where I strut out of the rut of daily rigid routines, and walk into a new reality abundant with the unpredictability of perpetual possibilities that inspire a sense of mystery and awe.

It is on days like these where I marvel at the combined powers of mind and heart. The minds power to create my dreams is simply astounding, and the hearts power to lead me to success, mesmerizing.

Because of days like these, where I awaken to the proof of my spiritual powers, I have decided that from now on every single day of my life is going to be a super duper day.

It’s audacious, I know, but I’ll give it my best try.

What about you?

Are you going to let your powers sleep, deeply dreaming whilst you are in a nightmare?

Or are you going to awaken to the fact that life is a dream and you are lucid enough to do whatever you want to do?

I’d really like to know, so don’t be shy to let me know in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “To super duper days

  1. Haha, I love your super duper positive attitude, and highly enthusiastic energy for your every new day….. wish I was another 50 years younger Lazarus, otherwise I’d jump into your glorious spiritual world… however my physical capabilities have reach their limit, and I am now on a slow and sandy path, heading towards that haven for the aging bewildered….

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  2. Hi Ivor, what a delight to hear from you. Thanks for the comment shrouded in positivity, how I wish you could join me. But I understand your predicament, that even though your mind may be willing your body will not let you. All I can do is wish you the best on your slow and sandy path, headed towards that haven for the aging…


  3. Thats great energy to start off with!
    Reading this gets me back to a piece I wrote of which somedays you really wake up with that positive energy which gives you the power and thoughts of doing all youve been wanting to do. (like in your case the day you wrote this piece you probably woke up on the right side of the bed as they’d say which made you want to keep the same energy), but as yet there are just days you lose that energy, not wanting to do what you’ve set for yourself, especially for people with mood swings, it just gets in your way and totally changes your whole day.

    But I believe with setting your mind to it and setting those objectives to linger your super duper days, I’m sure one (personally me) are able to withstand the blue Mondays and create my world.

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  4. Thanks, Regina, for the uplifting comment.

    I’d really like to read that piece you wrote, as I can resonate with the sentiments behind your message.

    You’re right, the day I wrote the post, I did indeed wake up on the right side of bed.

    That day, I was really inspired, to take on the day and to make things go my way. That’s how I was bold enough to take on the challenge of having super duper days everyday.

    But of course, just like what goes up must come down, there were days when my energy levels dropped so that I could not maintain the focus required to have a super duper day.

    But because my mind is set–and I believe that it’s not about getting ten out of ten super duper days in ten days, it’s about getting eight out of ten super duper days in the same time frame–I have had probably the best, three weeks of my life.

    Not only did I receive the blessing of a better place to stay from the Gods–something I’d been asking for, I also received more financial abundance–something I’d been praying for.

    Furthermore, and propably most important, I’ve made friends with people who inspire me to be a better me.

    And as if that wasn’t not enough, I am well on my way to acing the academic year, granted I ace today’s examination😅


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