Master Chess Players

Life is like chess. To win at it, one must learn its principles and put them into practice.

Robert Gwaze

Do you know how to make like a master chess player and make a move so good it forces your enemy to taste the flavour of defeat? 

Chess masters are well-known for having the godlike powers of analyzing and assessing situations coolly, weighing options calmly, good vs bad, making plans and executing them flawlessly, all this with their eyes closed. Lets us not even consider the surprising fact that calculators are jealous of their superior calculative power and that binoculars hate not being able to see as far as they. I bet even army commanders covet the skills of strategy they possess. 

Simply put master chess players are Nikola Teslas in the Science of Decision Making. Doesn’t this just make you want to be a master chess player, able to outwit obstacles, sacrifice your fears and checkmate your way to success?  I do.

Laza the wanna-be chess master😅

To be honest, however, you don’t have to fantasize about making binoculars, calculators and commanders covet your skills because you are already blessed with the same capabilities bestowed upon master chess players.

The only question is ‘Are you playing chess with life, or are you busy blundering and letting it’s challenges checkmate you?’  

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