About Me

Sometimes we need to be hurt in order to grow. We must lose in order to gain. Sometimes the lessons are best learned through pain.

Have done many a thing
In my not so long life.

Some good,
And some, not so good.

Though i have not taken a wife

Have written
With words that heal

And I
Have penned
Pictures in poems
That tell stories of our homes.

And though
I am not proud of it
I have lied like a liar
Whose been told to walk the wire.

Because I
Have stolen stones i shouldn’t have
From fingers folded in my friends grave.

I have
Walked the wide world
Bold with gold in my pocket
My lady’s hand the one i hold.

And I
Have played the fool
Many a time in school
Only coz i thought it was cool.

To crack a joke
Like a nut in a rut.

And yet,
I am not
A writer of words
A picture perfect poet
Or a laughing liar in his lair.

I am not
Even the long fingered crook
That stole your rook in chess

Or the criminal
That stole the heart
Of the girl fair would twirl her hair
And call me lover.

Nor am i
The fool that couldn’t even read the rule
That said not to sit on the stool.

I am
just me.
a growing guy
that’s learning to be free

Lazarus Shatipamba