It’s been a while I know, but here’s a beautiful post from Stuart’s blog which I recently started following

Lost In Nowhere

From the moment my consciousness sparks into light

My first thought is of you


I marvel at your cosmic beauty

Feel your sublime radiance

Hear your heavenly voice


You are my strength from weakness

My hope from loss

My future

My present


You are the glorious songbird in the morning

The healing sun at midday

The calming light of the moon in the evening


As my consciousness slips away at the end of the day

My last thought is of you

Only I know your name

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The Calm Before the Storm (Alana’s Song)

A am lulled to fall asleep, to dream deep in the calm before the storm…

Alphabet Ravine

“It was the calm before the storm
that stole my breath
with its icy silence.

In those everlasting seconds,
instead of his raging words’ predictable humming,
the still left you wondering what would be coming.
His face wouldn’t wear its usual anger, but a death-like grief,
as though he knew what monster would soon be unleashed.

‘Don’t hold it in!’ I was dying to cry to him.
‘That makes its bursting that much more violent!’

I did what I could- I anticipated, and how I hated
the calm before the storm.

Before the calm, you could see the storm clouds brewing,
but the churn of the sky- it was so close to soothing

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What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Zig Ziglar

I am not
more grateful for my pen
that bleeds its blood out, to talk about
practicing to perfect practicing

Then i am
of my paper

Where i wield words
with a will, inspires me to hold, my quill with a skill
dazzles damsels distressed not to stress
and torn man not to morn, when there is less.

© 2019 The Poets Peace

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Values to live by : kindness

Greeting fellow bloggers on this splendid Saturday morning.

Today I would like to share this post from a lovely lady that cares of the overall well being of our body, mind, spirit and soul which is why she posted this post with the hope that its message does not get lost on its way into your hearts and minds.

Emerging From The Dark Night

After ruminating on the power of destructiveness and anger and unkindness to destroy what feels good and nurturing to body, heart, mind, spirit and soul I wanted to post a post on kindness. I remember many years ago my Mum giving me a little book on kindness and I remember her acts of kindness to me when I was not well in the final years of her life when she was struggling with her own pain. How she went out of her way to bring some groceries over to me. Now I think back I see how much love my Mum tried to give me and I see the resentment I held also over her failures. I forgive everything now because I want to be kind to myself and I realise that there was so much I did not understand before she died. I wish I could change certain things…

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A Castle In Protea Hotel

Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.

Hellen Keller

It was a beautiful Saturday morning

The sun in the sky was having fun shining in the east and the birds in the trees, where singing a song to which I did not know the tune to because no one chose to give me a warning of the skill that will be on display at the premises of Protea Hotel on the 26th of October 2019 at the inaugural NUST Individual Chess Championships.

Thinking that I was the best, I walked a mile with a smile from my place of rest thinking that I’d win.

But now I know what a blunder this was as by the end of the third round, I discovered that I could not find where my smile had gone even if you gave me a compass or a GPS.

The tournament proceeded smoothly from between the wee hours of 08am to 05pm, and it was during these hours that players squared off against one another in order to test their tactics against each other.

thinking hard about his next move.

Although it was quite competitive and intense, it was fun because even though some of us did lose a piece and later the game (which threatened to derail our ambitions of being victors), we still shook hands to show our peace.

Plenty players participated in this tournament, all of us hoping to lift the trophy that will tell a story of how we walked through hell on our way to victory. But unfortunately, there could always only be one winner. Although we were none of us fools for we all had gone to school; some among us were better prepared to use their minds as a tool in defeating their opponents.

In the ladies section my hands had to clap for Ms. Mari-Anne Fillemon who scooped third place in only her first ever tournament as well as the lovely Vaua who captured second place with her brilliant brand of chess play. In the gentlemen’s section, my hat went off to hail for Mr. Dudley Noroseb who had a slower start to the tournament then a snail but still managed to sneak into third place. Also, my congratulations have to go to Alan Matheus who beat me on his way to securing the second podium place.

From left to right
Maria, 1st place winner
Vaua, 2nd place
Mari-Anne, 3rd place

But when all was said and done; we all had to bow down and swear fealty to the King and Queen of chess at NUST, Mr. Philip Mootseng and Ms. Maria Niilenge who sat behind the walls of their castle, pretty on their first place thrones.

From left to right
Alan, 2nd place
Philip, 1st place
Simon, 3rd place (joint with Dudley)

All in all, regardless of the losses that made me check to make sure whether in the future I will still play chess; it was a well-organized tournament and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’m sure everyone else did as well.

Showing my respects to the winners by putting my hands together

Lazarus Shatipamba

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