An Early Bird

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. Dalai Lama Once, in a small village there lived a man named Shaun. That always awoke, early before the dawn. So he could catch worms like an early bird. Without anyone spying and thinking him absurd. For eating worms before he began to…

stealing from a baby

Struggle is a part of life. Learning to struggle well is a reward in itself. Zat Rana Once upon a time. A youth in his prime Lived in a city so divine. That he– Grew to be bored and became bold– Enough to rob a boy, not even a year old– Of his toys. Yet…


There once was a man named LazarusThat did nothing but sit on his assTill one day; just before he satHis mother put a pin on his matThat sent pain through his bottom so he couldn’t sit in class. Your attention is the most important asset you have. Be deliberate with it. Zat Rana


There once was a man from WindhoekThat had never read a bookTill in the library he set footWith his unusually big feet.He left, unable to stand the librarians odd look. A generous man forgets what he gives and remembers what he receives. Old Proverb

One Good Ear Left

Ellen Melvin had a problem with his left earWhich left him unable to hearWhenever he was near his hearts desire.This led to the rise of his ireSo he cut it off to have one good ear. Nothing will work unless you do. John Wooden