Library Poetry

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. …so remember: great achievements take time, there is no overnight success.

Leo Tolstoy
I am seated by the desk, in the library
Writing poetry on my PC
Whilst two tan ladies sit beside me.
I wonder, whether they have noticed
That they are the objects of my fascination,
The inspiration behind this composition.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

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A Philosophical Poem about Beauty

Hey guys, hope you’re having a fantastic Friday.

I just wanted to take the time out to share a poem i wrote several months ago just when i started taking this poetry thing seriously.

The quality isn’t the greatest but i hope you enjoy it because i certainly do.

Here it is below

Friday Free Write

Failure and failure again is the secret ingredient to achieving the right level of success.

Mark Makhubalo

Have you ever

Heard the sound of passion call to you?

Like a naked lover

beckoning you into the warm, comfy sheets-

That make you forget about the deafening cold

That freezes our ears to render us unable to hear.

I have never really been able to hold firm

To all my convictions whilst listening to that lusty

Voice that sounds thirsty as the desert of the Namib

That walked across the plains of pain for far too long

She decided to simply embrace the pleasure of pure leisure.

Drinking my water as i bask in the spring weather

Nourished by the fresh fruit of the flowers

Who at the peak of their powers produce perfume

Who’s scent flows from them into the air

Right into my nostrils were they do not disturb but curb

Any ailments i might have had in regards to the bad smell in here.

A Letter From Home

Leap, and the net will appear.

John Burroughs

Dear Lazarus

I hope this letter finds you in good health,
High spirits, as well as in mindful breath.

It has been way too long since last we spoke,
saw you smile, or even heard a fun joke
part from between the dark walls of your lips.
So I'm writing to tell you of some news
i think might be of some concern to you.

I'm telling you, because i always knew--
Even though perhaps you didn't have a clue--
that you were head over heels, deep in love
with the cute girl, from the house next door's crew.
It turns out, she recently got engaged
To that boy that always got you enraged.

I wrote this to inform you, and not break
your spirit so that you feel way too weak
to write back during the course of the week.
Please do. I'd very much like to see you speak.

Lots of Love
Aunt T

© 2019 The Poets Peace

The Nets Stuck In A Net

The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.

Mark Caine

 Hey guys, today's a day that's quite hectic 
so I'll try to sum up today's topic
in a poem as short as i can make it.

Sounds good? Yes? Here we go then.

In general, internet in Africa is quite expensive
due to the availability of the overall bandwidth being scarce.
And the fact that traffic goes through expensive satellite links
that make it hard for average Africans, to use it and also pay the bills.

Only one out of ten people in Africa have access to the internet
due to the vast majority being mainly computer illiterate.
And the relatively low level of internet infrastructure
that makes it hard for people on the continent to connect on the net.

That’s it for today guys, see you again tomorrow.

What I’d Do for No Pay [day 3 | Winter Blogging Challenge]

In every difficult situation is potential value. Believe this, then begin looking for it.

Norman Vincent Peale

MONEY MAKES MANKIND go round. That's what all the sages say.
So in an alternate world that does not revolve around money,
What are the three things I, Lazarus Shatipamba would do for no pay?

Number One
Believe it or not,
I, Lazarus Shatipamba would be president
For no pay whatsoever.

I would live entirely off the many benefits
Afforded to presidents.

LIKE having my :
- safety secured
- travel taken care of
- accommodation acquired
- staff sorted.

As I feel like there's no point
To receiving a salary, so I'd rather have it remain in the budget.

To help in buying some tissues
For those crying from the issues
Plaguing my nation today.

I know they will not bring about jubilation,
But at least they can soothe the masses while i work on a solution.
To better decrease problems like pollution.

Plus; i would not need the money anyways, as my First Lady
Surely earns enough for the both of us.
She can be the breadwinner in the family.

I am not too greatly shamed by that. In fact, it does not shame me at all.

Number Two
In a world were money does not make the world go round,
I would make sure my knowledge goes around--
By choosing to teach for free.

To be like a sculptor, shaping the minds of future generations
Into creations--
Worthy of being looked at.

Number Three
Is for that which brings me glee.

It does not matter. Whether money makes the world go round,
As it was always scripted in the stars. That i am bound
To write poetry.

© 2019 The Poets Peace

Shared Shed Tears

Image by vishnu vijayan from Pixabay

If today
I should wake up dead

Show the world
The tears i never shed.

As if by shedding them now
I somehow shed them time and time again
That way the world would remember the pain
That was brought about by yesterdays shame.

Be sure to claim
My part of the blame
In what came
To be known as the era
Of way too many an error
That led to the terror
Of our social weather.

Its all sun
And clear blue skies
When lies are being televised

So do not act surprised
When the price
Of good deeds starts to rise
To fulfill the needs of our greed.

We need to heed
That making each other bleed
Is not the way to lead-
Ourselves into a future where-
We do not need
To plead in order to be freed
From the grasp of the things we did.

We endorse war
In always wanting more.

Yet, what we're fighting for
Kills more people by the score
Then the petty wars
That leave our floors
Littered with the proof of our flaws.

If today 
I should wake up dead.

Show the world
The tears i never shed.

As if by shedding them now
I somehow shed them time and time again.
That way the world would remember the bloodshed
That was brought about by the violence we shared.

The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the one who will win.

Roger Bannister

The Land of Mend and Bend

Was neither good
Nor bad.
I woke from bed
feeling slightly sad
that my dream went mad
but was more than glad
That i still fed
From the fruits of this land.
This land, that offers a blend
of mend and bend.

Eyes open to the skies
I see the immense size
Of this dome
Beneath which lies my home.

This unforgiving land
On which grow the trees.
Where one might sail the seven seas
Was never made to keep you on your knees
Nor to please you in your ease.

Try to set sail
And you’ll return to regale-
Us with a tale
That could make the masses wail.
In this land
One needs a strong will
To sail the seven seas
That can easily seize
Your wish to arrive-
Home in one piece.

When the High Seas cease
To appear pleased
That your ease
Was blown away with ease
By a mighty breeze
And the storm conformed
To tread thunder your way
Hoping that you blunder
Your way out of wonder.
This land will make you ponder
Why you decided to wander
Outside of your border.

This land is chaos and order
In no specific order
All geared towards making you stronger.

But what happens when
You’re standing by the stern
With waves ready to condemn
And sharks circling in?

When waves of worry
Wash away visions of glory
And crash against your sure
Seeking to keep you from shore
And to leave you on the sea floor
Drowning in your flaws?

You may feel like throwing in the towel
When the land makes you scowl
As you prowl-
With eyes of an owl
How exactly to keep the ground
Beneath your feet sound.

When the sky rumbles
And the earth trembles.
You’ll find yourself wanting to grumble
And muffle a mumble when you stumble
Upon the bundle
That stayed you from the mantle.

When your hopes fall prey
To the predators that stray
Into the place were we stay
Till way past after we lay
For having a good day.
You’ll find yourself wanting to say
That nothing will ever be okay.

This land is old.
This land is proud.
And also very loud.
It will crowd-
You beneath a cloud
Of your own doubt
So that you might-
Opt to adopt
An attitude of negativity
Towards reality.

This land is a force, it is gravity
That cares not for pretty or witty.
Kind and greedy
Independent or needy
You will fall to its gravity
Because it knows no sympathy.

This land is clay
It will mold-
Your plans for the future
Into a sculpture
That remains unsure
Of its pure nature.

What happens when a forest fire
Leaves your crops dire?
When it raises the level of your ire
Until you tire
Of growing them any higher?
Will your mind sire-
Sentiments that hire
The services of thoughts
That leave you in a mire?
Or will we be left to admire
The will of your desire to inspire.

When dawn decrees the rise
Of your perceived demise
And makes you realize
That what your eyes
See for truth is lies
That leave you wanting a disguise
So you never see the skies.

Will you accumulate dust
When dusk
Tries to bask
In the hardening of your task?
Or will you mask your lust
That from here you want to bust?

What happens when
The lightning lights
Your peaceful night
And sets your dreams in a fright
So that you want to take flight
And just end the fight
Thinking that perhaps the light
Was never ever your right?

When the peaks of Mountains
May seem too far to reach
Coz you’re no longer rich
In mental clarity
And deprived of the physical energy
Needed to keep yourself upright.

And when finally
You sag your shoulders in pain
Falling boulders-
Seeking to crush you in shame
So that you want to blame
The land for your pain.
Know, face with an unknown name
That that pain will one day be the bane
That aids you gain

No one can give you better advice than yourself.


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