A Philosophical Poem about Beauty

Hey guys, hope you’re having a fantastic Friday.

I just wanted to take the time out to share a poem i wrote several months ago just when i started taking this poetry thing seriously.

The quality isn’t the greatest but i hope you enjoy it because i certainly do.

Here it is below

Anthem to Gang Walikan

Greetings everyone.

Hope you are all having as fantastic a day as I am.

Today I was surfing the waves on YouTube when I came across a piece of mine I’d not thought about for a while.

Many of you might not know this, but I am not just a written word poet, i am also a budding performing poet, who in hopes of achieving his dreams became a proud member of Gang Walikan – a music recording label that at the time consisted of me, The Predator, Alpha and CNDN(CasaNovaDattNobi).

So one day not so long ago in my inspired state of Gang Walikanness, I wrote a poem that would serve as the Anthem to our group and I called it the Walikanthem.

I like this piece but I’m not really an avid advocate for promoting it because its a little too braggy for my normal simple self, but I chose to share it with you in the hope that you’ll like it.

And if you do, then who knows what might happen.

Perhaps you might find yourself pressing the subscribe or like buttons.

Maybe even leaving some constructive criticism in the comment section.

So in the name of Gang Walikan
Enjoy the Walikanthem and have yourself a blessed day.