A Voice Unheard

It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.


More and more Africans have begun using blogs as a form of self expression. This is due to the fact that it is relatively easy to start and maintain a blog.

As a result, blogging on the African continent has enjoyed a lush period of colossal growth. African bloggers, like sculptors are now helping to shape a more positive Africa through the unique stories they tell.

African bloggers are especially prominent within the fashion niche, which has many an African rising star.

This is due mainly as a consequence of the fact that blogging allows them to reach markets outside their own as well as to cut costs related to marketing, public relations and brand awareness.

Blogging is the remote, that has helped turn the usually mute African youth into a group of individuals with a highly outspoken voice that is very loud. It has further helped in transmitting that same voice into the ears of an audience that has for so long been deprived of it.

And as blogging continues to take root across the continent, one can only expect this voice to grow louder and louder(and louder) til our leaders have no choice but to listen.

Glancing at Dancing Trees

Everything you can imagine is real.

Pablo Picasso
by the lone bench, i sat and stared above
at the dancing branches of talking trees
in the grove, praising the song of the birds
that with life, seem to be deeply in love.

like a dancer, swaying with graceful ease
the trees moved gracefully in the breeze
so that they looked like a well polished team
of choreographed dancers high in esteem.

long i sat at that bench, long did they dance
thrilling in the trill of the singing birds
that made them sway from side to side, curves
that for so long stood in a silent stance.

they must be real fit, in my mind i thought
as i looked at the dancing trees that brought
an envious smile to the mouth on my face
as i myself, could never dance with such grace.

© 2019 The Poets Peace

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The Africa I Never Read About

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

Mark Twain
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

I am not even going to lie.

I love Africa, yet growing up i never read much about her. I was always too busy falling in love with her to make time for anything either than exploring the rugged curves of her body.

When i wasn’t doing that, then i was most likely sitting before the television set for hours on end whilst assimilating its lies.

Its true, I LOVE Africa.

Which is why i decided to start reading about her when i grew to be a man. Yet, it hit my soft spot hard when the texts i came across portrayed her as a land brimming with tall, thin, pot-bellied people that have not eaten since the last tribal ritual a full moon gone. Where they proceeded to eating a fire cooked meal of monkey-brain and well spiced snake as well as worms for desert. All this without even flinching an inch.

The Africa i read about is a land teeming with disease ridden insects whose mouths water at the prospect of infecting their next victim.

What i read about Africa is a gruesome tale of a land buried beneath the rotting bodies of black men and women that fought for freedom and won against the White man, only to be crushed by the callus hands of his fellow black man.

The books i read, never drew me a pretty picture of Africa.

Never did they write about the benevolence of African leaders that make promises and actually keep them. Nor did they write about a peaceful Africa with zero civil war, or one were hospitals and social services are readily available to the ordinary man.

The texts i read; always made sure to mention the presidents that refuse to step down after their terms come to an end, the corrupt leaders that steal from the mouths of the poor to feed their growing appetites, as well as the number of people that fell to many an avoidable illness.

I have not yet read all the texts about Africa, so i maintain my belief that i will one day come across that one book that draws a pretty picture of Africa.

An Africa filled with healthy, strong people that are able to tend a rich, fertile soil in order to feed themselves. An Africa filled with people that accept their differences and love each other the more.

Who knows, perhaps in my next life i’ll read about a United States of Africa. Wouldn’t that be a pretty picture?

A Letter From Home

Leap, and the net will appear.

John Burroughs

Dear Lazarus

I hope this letter finds you in good health,
High spirits, as well as in mindful breath.

It has been way too long since last we spoke,
saw you smile, or even heard a fun joke
part from between the dark walls of your lips.
So I'm writing to tell you of some news
i think might be of some concern to you.

I'm telling you, because i always knew--
Even though perhaps you didn't have a clue--
that you were head over heels, deep in love
with the cute girl, from the house next door's crew.
It turns out, she recently got engaged
To that boy that always got you enraged.

I wrote this to inform you, and not break
your spirit so that you feel way too weak
to write back during the course of the week.
Please do. I'd very much like to see you speak.

Lots of Love
Aunt T

© 2019 The Poets Peace

The Nets Stuck In A Net

The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.

Mark Caine

 Hey guys, today's a day that's quite hectic 
so I'll try to sum up today's topic
in a poem as short as i can make it.

Sounds good? Yes? Here we go then.

In general, internet in Africa is quite expensive
due to the availability of the overall bandwidth being scarce.
And the fact that traffic goes through expensive satellite links
that make it hard for average Africans, to use it and also pay the bills.

Only one out of ten people in Africa have access to the internet
due to the vast majority being mainly computer illiterate.
And the relatively low level of internet infrastructure
that makes it hard for people on the continent to connect on the net.

That’s it for today guys, see you again tomorrow.

The Class

It all starts and ends in the mind. The most crucial skill is how you think.

Zat Rana
Image by MoteOo from Pixabay

The group of about 20 or so students, 
noisily seat themselves behind their desks
and look curiously at the stranger in front.

Greetings class, my name is Mr Wiki Pedia and i’ll be filling in for your usual class teacher, Mrs Gle Goo. Our lesson today will be about blogging on the internet.

But, before we begin i’d like it if you all introduced yourselves to me.

Students introduce themselves.

So let’s get to it then. Do any of you know what a blog is?

Student seated at the back of class raises his hand.

Yes Lazarus, please tell the class what a blog is.

 "I think, maybe it's like a website 
but less professional because it allows one
a certain level of creative freedom."

That’s correct Lazarus, give yourself a tap on the back.

Although Lazarus is correct in his definition of what a blog is. There are a few things that he has left out. Perhaps out of ignorance, perhaps out of respect for my job.

So, what is a blog?

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.

A blog gives those not fluent in computer language the chance to run a website without needing the technical skills of a tech geek.

Student next to Lazarus raises hand.

Yes Michelle, your arm is raised?

Does that mean anyone can start a blog?

YES. So long as they can read and write; anyone can run a blog, from a single individual to a group of friends, as well as large or small businesses.

Blogs can come in many forms. Such as art blogs(that focus on art), photo-blogs(focus on photographs), vlogs(focus on video) and podcasts(that focus on audio).

Student in center of class noisily clears throat.

Mangy, would you like to ask a question?

Yes i would sir. 
So i understand what a blog is,
and that anyone can run it.
But, i want to know why anyone would start a blog.
Seems like a lot of unnecessary work to me.

Well Mangy, people start blogs for many reasons. You get people that want to share information on a certain topic, you get those that want to promote themselves or their business, and you get those that start a blog, simply to engage with different people and share ideas.

Also, if done right. A blog can be used as a passive source of income.

Blogs generally tend–Mr Wiki, how does one make money from a blog?

It seems Lazarus is getting way too excited. Some blogs, with a large enough following.
Generate income through companies that pay them to write positive product reviews.
For some, selling advertising space is their way of bringing in some big bucks.

Back to what i was saying before Lazarus derailed us with his excitement. Blogs tend to be very topic specific, for example we get travel blogs, health blogs, book blogs and fashion blogs etc.

You guys are actually quite lucky to be living in an era where blogs are being used by millions of people. This makes it easier for anyone starting a blog to grow an audience.

So if there is something you are passionate about,
Why not start a blog and make money from it?

Technology As A Blessing And A Curse

Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.


Good morning, afternoon and good evening fellow bloggers. Today’s challenge has asked a question of us…

 is technology a blessing before our eyes
or is it a curse in disguise?

Me, i was born in the twentieth century. Born into a world filled with all sorts of technology made to make the lives of people easier. So on these terms i’d say technology is indeed a blessing.

Technology has helped us connect with people from lands we’ve never set foot on.

no longer do we have to ruin our style 
by walking miles without a smile.
 no longer do we have to wait 
on the birds of the citadel to read our mail.

We have expanded our eyes beyond sight of the blue skies. Thanks in large part to the capabilities of technology; information, on any topic is widely available.

technology has brought us so much ease
as we, no longer freeze to death in the winter breeze.

Or go without food for thought, because of seven years of drought.

because of technology
I can keep up my energy
by eating food from the factory.
long after its beginning history.

Thanks to the power of technology, we don’t have to risk our lives by heading into a country only to find ourselves in the middle of a full blown civil war.

Thanks to tech, we can find that out in the safety and comfort of our homes and so choose to avoid any places being soaked in the blood of our brethren.

With this in mind, a world with technology should be a better place, right?

Not necessarily.

Technology, with it's helping hand
has unfortunately, also dealt us a mighty hand.

Lies, like butter on bread are spread on television in order to blur our vision.

we're being brainwashed into emotional zombies
that do nothing but disturb the peace.

Technology has made it easier for us to wipe ourselves out faster than it takes me to say, technology.

we've become relatively lazy
mentally, physically and spiritually.

With the invention of calculators, some people no longer think for themselves.
Technology is breeding a world of stupid people. Smart phones.

Also; because of technology, we’ve lost our emotional connection with the world, and ourselves.

we don't talk as much as we used to anymore
and when we do, it has nothing to do
with the things we wish we truly knew
but of silly things, of which we don't have a clue.

So, is technology a blessing before our eyes
or is it a curse in disguise?

I think only time will tell. If we destroy ourselves with it or not.


An obstacle is often a stepping stone.


Bang! Bang! Bang!
went the guns
of gangsters from the Gang.
as they ran
from the grasp of mustangs
driven by men
that know when
exactly to bring out their fangs.

Bang! Bang! Bang!
went their guns
as they blazed down the street
moving only to the beat
of their hearts.
Yet not faster than the cars
that seek to put them behind bars.

Bang! Bang! Bang!
went their guns
as they shot at the cops
trying to turn them into a corpse
so that their freedom will not be lost
if ever they did get caught.

Bang! Bang! Bang!
went their guns to no avail
as their shots did fail
coz the cops brought bulletproof along--
so they got caught coz they crossed
into the the wrong street
leading to a wall that stalled their feet.
long enough for the cops to cut their retreat.

© 2019 The Poets Peace

Five Apps I Could Not Live Without

If you love what you do and are willing to do what it takes, it’s within your reach.

Steve Wozniak

I almost did not write this post.

Not because i don’t have a favorite list of apps on my smartphone. But, because i miraculously have not had a phone for five months now (how this came to be is a story for another day).

Still going strong though.

I almost did not write this post. As i would be contradicting today’s challenge.

Me not having a phone for months should serve as living proof that one can indeed live without a phone. In fact, you can actually thrive.
The first few weeks were the worst, but i weathered them and i am now glad to say, that i have thoroughly enjoyed my time without the pressure from a modern cellular device.

I almost did not write this post.

Until i thought back to a time when i had a phone.

Which then made me think to myself; back when i had a phone, what were the apps i could not live without?


Image by Pettycon from Pixabay

No surprises here, as i constantly needed to have a close outlet for my free flowing mind. I used my notepad on average 2 many times a day. If you were a stray thought in my head, looking like you might be a building block to a masterpiece, then you went into the notepad.

2. Habithub

This awesome app comes in second, only because i’m a poet and a writing app was always going to top my list.

But, when it came to motivating me for the day, as well as maintaining a record of my habits, there was no app more fab than Habithub. I used this guy to help me set and follow a routine for making reading, exercising and meditating my daily habits.

What i most enjoyed about this app were the inspirational quotes it delivered to my notifications bar every morning.

3.LOA Library

In my highly opinionated view, this is by far the best repository app of books about the mind. Boasting the best Law Of Attraction books to be found anywhere, i used this app to educate myself about the power of my mind.


Image by Webster2703 from Pixabay

Instagram because all those poems written in the notepad needed somewhere to be posted and hopefully admired by the masses.

5. AnyAppThatPlayedMusic

This one just had to be here. I mean, what normal person in their right mind can live without music? If you know of any such person, tell us in the comment section. A poem needs to be penned of such a person.

That completes my list of five apps whose absence would have killed me. What are yours?