Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. It’s a really special day for me today, made so by the lovely Famela Marie who nominated me for my third Sunshine Blogger Award.

Ela is an aspiring writer, whose works I find fascinatingly insightful. I like the fact that they inspire me, to think creatively and divergently. To be positive, to dream, to create, to write.

Not only is her work inspiring, it is also relatable. Be sure to head over to her site There, I’m sure you’ll find something to feed your mind on.

All my gratitude goes out to Ela. If you’re reading this, know that I feel absolutely honored that you deem me worthy of the Sunshine Blogger Award. There’s so much positivity out here in the Blogosphere, so I know it wasn’t easy choosing just 11 nominees. However, I’m thankful to be part of your list.

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules:

1.Thank the Blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.

2.List the rules and display an award logo on your blog post.

3.Answer the 11 Questions the blogger asked you.

4.Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award and notify them by commenting on any of their posts.

5.Ask the Nominees 11 new questions.

Ela’s questions to me
1. What is your favorite song?
Mmmm…it’s been awhile since I’ve listened to any songs of my own volition. I seem to prefer instrumentals these days. The last song I remember vibing to was J. Coles’ Love Yourz, a song that inspired me to be grateful for what I have.

2. Have you ever been in the Philippines?
No, I’ve never set foot outside of the borders of my country yet. But I look forward to a time when I will explore this beautiful planet. The Philippines will certainly be in my iternirary of places to visit.

3. Cat or Dog?

4. What book inspired you the most?
 Just Be Glad by Christian Larson.
This book isn’t long. Infact it’s quite short. But it packs a punch.

5. What book changed your perceptions about life?
Your Word is your Wand by Florence Scovel Scinn.

6. Thriller or Love story
Uhm…I can’t really say. I’m more of the fantastical type. But if I were to choose, I’d most likely go for a love story.

7. Dream place to visit.
Paris, France. From what I see in the media, I think France is a romantic place. I dream of seeing the aesthetic Architecture up close and personal. Sometimes I find myself imagining being below the Eiffel Tower, looking up at that looming man-made flower.

8. What are the things you love to do aside from writing?
Aside from writing, I love to read. I find it hard being away from a good book. Apart from reading, I also like spending time with friends and family, playing chess, taking walks in nature, learning new skills and meeting new people.

I’ve recently taken an interest in meditation and yoga, and I must say that I like the cool, calm and collected mindstate they leave me in.

9. What is your favorite coffee flavor?
I’m still a beginner so I prefer Mocha’s

10. Favorite movie?
No matter how many times I watch it, I’ll still be willing to watch Titanic.

11. What are the 3 things you have beside you when you sleep?

I like to use sleep as a tool to brainwash myself, so I like to keep my phone, together with my earhones so I can listen to postitive affirmations. I also keep a bottle of water by my bedside incase I get thirsty.

My nominees

1. Alexis Watts

2. Kathy of London

3. Saania Sparkle

4. Mayet’s World

5. Stuart, Perditus

6. d.a.simpsonwriter

7. Minnie

8. Riddhi Chitalia

9. Word Hunter

10. Lord Rhaikara

11. Grace

My questions to the  nominees

1. Describe yourself in 3 words
2. What’s your philosophy on life?
3. What’s the best advice you’ve received?
4. What’s your favorite book and why?
5. How many languages can you speak?
6. Would you rather be stuck in the past or head for an unknown future?
7. What’s a normal day for you like?
8. What’s your take on death?
9. A life-changing moment/event that happened to you.
10. What does your ideal day look like?
11. When did your journey with writing start?

That’s it guys, thank you for sharing this moment with me. And most of all thank you, once again, Ela, for the opportunity.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing I wish you well.,

The Music is playing

All things respond to the call of rejoicing. All things gather where life is a song.

James Allen

The music is playing
But you are not hearing
The music is playing
But you’re not listening
The music is playing
But you are not dancing
The music is playing
But you’re not singing
The music is playing
But you are not rejoicing.

Oh how I feel for you
Who is not rejoicing
Oh how I feel for you
Who is not listening, and dancing
For joy, even though the music is playing.

When the time comes

You ain’t never gone be happy till you Love Yourz

J. Cole

There will come a time, in your life when the night will be so bright that the light of hope will be frightened to shine it’s glow.

A time when nightmares become the norm, and fears begin to take form in the shape of dreams that die, without even opening an eye to see the light of day.

A time when sorrow is all there is to know. And turmoil all there is to show for your efforts in taming the night.

When this time comes, just know that the Gods have heard your plight. And that they are ready, and willing to lend you their power – to create, and to destroy – so long as you are ready, and willing to tap into the ability that allows you to connect with them.

What’s Up with the sky?

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to be yourself.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Oh! What’s up with this sky that I spy?
Never changing, always blue
As if it has no clue how to change it’s hue

I wonder why
This sky that I spy
Is always so blue

Perhaps it is out of breath
Tired, due to dividing the heavens
From the earth?

Oh! You sky that I spy with my eye
I don’t mean to pry, but why
Are you always so blue?

Shouldn’t you be yellow
Glad, from being the dome
enclosing our home?
Protecting us from the sun
When our skin it’s rays try to fry.

Oh! What’s up with this sky that I spy?
Always so blue, never changing

Perhaps it is true it hasn’t a clue
How to change it’s hue?

This sky that I spy with my eye
Why is it always so blue?

Someone should sue it for being blue.

Poets Practice

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay
practice, practice, practice

poets practice

penning poems
at the park
and at the parking lot.

they practice, practice, practice

painting pictures poetically
by producing poems aplenty
in everyday of their poetic life.

practice, practice, practice

poets practice

by putting pen to paper
in order to produce
pretty potent poetry.

they practice, practice, practice

penning page after page
of playfully put together poems
that when packed together
produce piles of poetic pieces.

poets practice

by putting pen to paper
and penning page after page
of prose possessing the power
to pack a poetic punch!

practice, practice, practice

poets practice

by playfully picking apart
bits of prose
and packing them into poems
that point to peace
as the present people state.

they practice, practice, practice.

by painting pictures poetically.
potent poets personify poetry.

they practice, practice, practice

by pretending to perform
pensive pieces in poetic form
till they're panting from painting plenty--
pictures poetically!

© 2020 The Poets Peace