The Fantastic Five

Hope never abandons you, you abandon it

George Weinberg

I am so glad for today’s challenge, for it has granted me the power to talk about my hero’s at length.

Behold the mighty men and woman without capes that have swooped into my life and rescued my inspiration from between the mighty jaws of depression.

5. Steve Biko the Father of Black Consciousness

steve biko
Steve Biko

One among leaders of the Black Consciousness Movement
he was a proud anti-apartheid activist
that worked towards the psychological empowerment
of all the beautiful black people.

At first, he studied law then changed to study medicine
so he could heal the wounds his fellow blacks
suffered at the cruelty of the white mans hands.

Eventually, they had to turn him into a martyr
by brutally beating him to death
for when his reputation grew higher and higher
it threatened to leave apartheid out of breath.

4. Marcus Garvey

Born in Jamaica as Marcus Mosiah Garvey Junior
he grew to become a journalist and a publisher
as well as an activist against white supremacism
by growing his philosophy and ideas of Garveyism.

Also, he promoted the concept of African Unity
by encouraging black freedom from a white ruled society.
Furthermore, he greatly influenced the growth of Rastafarianism
as well as a general rise in Pan-Africanism.

3. Ashwyn Mberi

Ashwyn Mberi
Zimbabwean born, Namibian Actor and Poet
that's always seeking to promote art
inspires me for he has changed my mood
that i should always use my poetry for good

So as to try and make the world a better
place, by speaking about the things that matter.

He inspires me because he brings people together
by providing platforms for them to speak
freely about the things that make them weak
so that they can help one another to grow stronger.

2. Sanna Arman

Sanna Arman
 The only Sudan born blogger and performing poetess
to have strolled into my heart not because of the dress
she wore to accentuate her curves, but because of the words
she writes that provoke thoughts on the issues facing Africans.

A firm believer in the reclamation of the African narrative
as well as the telling of African stories by Africans
her writing is what some sages would dub impressive
for my imagination, after listening to her, always awakens.

  1. Mark Mushiva the Black Narcissist
Mark Mushiva
Namibian tech geek and poet with many a conscious lyric
about black folks every time he's on the mic,
inspires me to always follow my dreams
as he himself followed his dream of making games.

Member of the award-winning Black Vulcanite
he aims to bring the ills suffered by blacks out of the night
by introducing them to the light of what feels right
whenever his pen bleeds because he sat down to write.

What i admire most about him is the fire
of his love for Africa burning in his chest
as well as his deeply rooted desire to inspire
through his god given talent of poetic craft.