What has happened?

Fortune favors the brave.

Publius Terence

When i was a boy, i was brave enough to know one day i’d be a man.

I’m 21 now and i’m petrified because the world we live in is a terrifying place. I feel like an egg in a frying pan, with wits scrambled whenever i observe human beings being bad to one another.

The Selfie Revolution has turned us against ourselves. We’ve captured our ideologies of sharing behind technology that knows not the terminology of what it means to give. We give ourselves ample time to scroll the feeds of people whom we do not know, yet we refuse to use our spare time to feed the hungry.

We pass by hungry souls on the streets with not even a second glance; yet on the first chance that presents itself to us, we purchase sweets to indulge our taste buds. What has happened to humanity? I do not know.

I myself am no good Samaritan either, as only yesterday i refused to buy a homeless person lunch on account of having to purchase a copy of The Wheel of Time. Somehow i managed to delude myself it was the right thing to do. That if i wasn’t teaching him to fish, i’d just be contributing to his starvation in the future.

But who’s going to aid him catch a fish when we’re all so immersed in our own doings?

It shames me deeply that i seem to have misplaced my moral compass. Perhaps a good Samaritan might help me find it?

What has happened to humanity?

We have become masters of fake smiles as well as apprentices to pretense. We live in the past tense with smartphones for friends and social media for family. We do not talk anymore; we’re as silent as our cellphones, only coming to life to notify ourselves of the misfortunes of others.

Shame on us! Is what i would have said if i myself was benevolent.

We shun one another like day and night. Shining a light on spite and shrouding love in the dark.

Flints have we become, that spark hatred to embark on a voyage to leave his mark.

What has happened to humanity?

© 2020 The Poets Peace

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Garden of Beauty

Walk with me, into the garden of beauty
And smell the sweet scent of flowers in the air
When the way roses sway take thy breath away
And leaves the mouths of many men ajar.

With daisies, basking in the warmth of the sun
Making light of thy intent to sit in shade
And in thy mind; image thyself having fun
That was in the midst of the heavens forbade.

Tread carefully among these thorny weeds
That with their stink, surely make thy eyes weep
So that thine tears, bring hope to the growing seeds
Of misdeeds that thy mind was tasked to safe keep.

     As thou was once thyself a seed that did grow,
    So too, will thee reap the fruits of what you sow.

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.


The Watcher

I watch, the world in its form of stasis
And realize on our hands we have a crisis.
From lands in the east being bombed by Isis
To those in the west, were black men are left lifeless.
And in my home, were the majority are penniless
Because the minority endorse greediness.

I watch, as people of the world endorse greediness
And wonder if, it will ever reach a state of stasis
Where reduced, will be the number of penniless.
Or if we will, remain  forever stuck in the crisis
That led to our neighbors becoming lifeless
When they were being bombed by Isis.

I watch, as cities are bombed by Isis
And finally i see, that their greediness
Like a quake, has left many a people lifeless.
It has left governments, in a state of stasis
Collapsing due to the crisis
That has for long, left them penniless.

I watch, helpless as the penniless
Are turn't into mannequins by Isis.
Left to drown in a crisis
By those that swim in greediness.
I pray for a state of stasis
So that none will be left lifeless.

I watch, as people are left lifeless
Forget they ever were  penniless.
Stuck in stasis
Waiting for the beast that is Isis
To show its greediness
By leaving them in a crisis.

I watched the world fall into crisis
The more people became lifeless
As groups no longer hid their greediness
And desire to leave others penniless
And open to the attacks of Isis
That remove us from our stasis.

The world, faces a crisis that will  leave us penniless.
If we leave Isis and its greediness in stasis,
We leave ourselves exposed to becoming lifeless.

Lost time is never found again.

Benjamin Franklin

Cries of the Poets Pain

Oh! how it puts a poet in much pain.
Counting syllable after syllable
Just to come up with the perfect refrain.

Five tercets, only a single quatrain
In which to tell my most fetching fable?
Oh! does it put a poet in much pain. 

How much longer can i suffer the strain
On my mind, of wanting to be able
To come up with the most perfect refrain?

Many a page on which i left a stain
Writing a refrain juicier than an apple.
Oh! how it puts a poet in much pain.

On days when my head is on a low plain
I sometimes wonder if my mind's stable
After thinking up the perfect refrain.

Was there really ever something to gain
In trying to write a good villanelle
Either than the cries of a poets pain
When he tries to make the perfect refrain?

However long the night, the dawn will break.

African proverb

do not expect sunshine and clear blue skies

Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.

Liane Cardes

Do not expect sunshine and clear blue skies
On your odyssey through the sea of life.
Always endeavour to weather the storm.

Sailing across the ocean with sore eyes
Crying because at home you left your wife.
Do not expect sunshine and clear blue skies.

When you are sinking, and sharks start to swarm
In the waters that are with troubles rife
Always endeavour to weather the storm.

When the world wants to fill your head with sighs
Then happily try to seek out the strife.
Do not expect sunshine and clear blue skies.

When the forces of nature break your dorm
Do not in your back, try to sheathe a knife
Always, endeavour to weather the storm.

When the bold bitter winter starts to form
And the sapling summer plants start to thrive
Do not expect sunshine and clear blue skies
Always endeavour to weather the storm.

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

The Game of Chess

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay
They call it the black and white jungle
For you might not live for very long
Here, were danger lurks in every corner.

Always be ready for a battle
And watch out for dangers in the throng
Of this place they call the black and white jungle.

You will need to be a Grandmaster
Or in the very least, very strong
Here, were dangers lurk in every corner.

Safe, sound and secure in your castle
Is the place you should always belong
Not here in the black and white jungle.

Perhaps one day; when you are older
Looking back at days when you were young
In this place were danger lurks in every corner.

You will see everything clearer
And realise there is nothing wrong
In calling it the black and white jungle.
This place, were dangers lurk in every corner. 

The great and glorious masterpiece of humanity is to know how to live with purpose.


A Dream of Spring

Image by 【中文ID】愚木混株 【ins-ID】cdd20 from Pixabay
Shall i, compare thee to a dream of Spring?
For when i entered a state of slumber
My melancholy mood, began blooming
Into a mood, that brought fourth its flower.
Thou art more sweeter than a buzzing bee.
A conquerer; more regal than a queen.
Pollinating my sadness into glee.
Turning the dry desert , of my heart green.
Of you, the very air must be jealous.
Scent from heaven; thou aroma will lure
Many men to come your way and make fuss.
In illness, hoping you will be their cure.
But alas; i awoke from my slumber
Feeling cold from the bold bitter winter.

When anger rises, think of consequences.