What has happened?

Fortune favors the brave.

Publius Terence

When i was a boy, i was brave enough to know one day i’d be a man.

I’m 21 now and i’m petrified because the world we live in is a terrifying place. I feel like an egg in a frying pan, with wits scrambled whenever i observe human beings being bad to one another.

The Selfie Revolution has turned us against ourselves. We’ve captured our ideologies of sharing behind technology that knows not the terminology of what it means to give. We give ourselves ample time to scroll the feeds of people whom we do not know, yet we refuse to use our spare time to feed the hungry.

We pass by hungry souls on the streets with not even a second glance; yet on the first chance that presents itself to us, we purchase sweets to indulge our taste buds. What has happened to humanity? I do not know.

I myself am no good Samaritan either, as only yesterday i refused to buy a homeless person lunch on account of having to purchase a copy of The Wheel of Time. Somehow i managed to delude myself it was the right thing to do. That if i wasn’t teaching him to fish, i’d just be contributing to his starvation in the future.

But who’s going to aid him catch a fish when we’re all so immersed in our own doings?

It shames me deeply that i seem to have misplaced my moral compass. Perhaps a good Samaritan might help me find it?

What has happened to humanity?

We have become masters of fake smiles as well as apprentices to pretense. We live in the past tense with smartphones for friends and social media for family. We do not talk anymore; we’re as silent as our cellphones, only coming to life to notify ourselves of the misfortunes of others.

Shame on us! Is what i would have said if i myself was benevolent.

We shun one another like day and night. Shining a light on spite and shrouding love in the dark.

Flints have we become, that spark hatred to embark on a voyage to leave his mark.

What has happened to humanity?

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Jack of all Trades, Master of One

oh! sing to me bard
of that tale not so long ago
lived by he with the Midas touch.

the tale of he that had a plan
to always do the best he can.

he was like the philosopher's stone
turning lead into gaudy gold
and bad art into a sight to behold.

he that foretold the future
weather or not he was sure
or in his profession mature.

his eyes looked to the sky
and like a bird wanted to fly
so build a plane he did try

so those that had before failed
come to be the masses that hailed
him as his device was unveiled.

he that possesses the Midas touch
could leave many a fine mistress
yearning for the warmth of his caress.

but, if ever he must confess
then let it be known he left many in distress
on his quest to win the game of chess.

the Jack of all trades Master of one
was skilled in a great many disciplines
one of which could never be undone
as he was master of ending his home.

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Lazarus Shatipamba
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The more things you care about, the less meaningful caring becomes.

Zat Rana

A Brighter Day

They say
That tomorrow
Starts today.

That today
Represents the present
That was passed on to us
In the past.

That the lefts of yesterday
Will always have a say
In the telling of our history.

Seeds of greed
Were sown Infertile soil
Growing into weeds that coil
On our crops to spoil
The good of our toil.

The world is on her knees
Whilst humanity is on his ease
Ignorant in his bliss
Causing illness
and all things amiss.

Not hearing the pleas
Of a land plagued by fleas
That crossed the seven seas
Seeking to spread disease 
Onto the bees
That pollinate our peace.

They say
That yesterday
Ends today.

That today
Presents us
With the chance
To write our wrongs.

That the rights of today
Will always have a say
In the telling of our future.

That even though our history
Is clouded in misery
Our actions today
Can craft a better story-
Telling of our history.

True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice.

Samuel Johnson