Like a person lying in bed

Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes.

Kenneth Hildebrand

Thoughts of you were tossing and turning in my head
like a person lying in bed
making themselves comfortable in my mind.

I tried, but failed to put them to sleep
for they were too deep in a state of restlessness
thinking about the nightmare of losing you.

The best I could do was blanket them
with the knowledge that all this was but a bad dream.
That one day I will wake up
and you’ll be right here, next to me
where you are supposed to be.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

A Secret

Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.

Roy T. Bennett

I have a secret
And I want to share it with you
But before I do that
I want to ask
That you keep it to yourself
Please do not share it
With anyone
Even with those you care about
For it may lead to my ruin
This secret of mine
That I’m about to tell you
Because it reveals my weakness
This secret of mine
That I want to share with you
For I trust you know you must keep it
To yourself, this secret of mine
I’m going to share with you
Is that I LOVE YOU
This is a secret
Nobody knows it
For I always pretend
Like I do not love you
When the opposite is true
Because I LOVE YOU
As much as I love myself.
My love for you, is my secret
For it reveals my weakness
So please do not share it
With anyone, even those you care about
Or I may live to regret sharing it
This secret of mine
With you, because I LOVE YOU.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

The color of our skin

Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.

Theodore N. Vail

Hi there guys. I’m happy you could join me today. Today’s poem was written to say goodbye to those views of old implemented in my country during the Apartheid Era. For those who don’t know, this was an era when romantic relationships between blacks and whites was shunned.

I’m lucky enough to be a born free. So I can fall in love with whomever I want, without risking the ire of my community. I feel for those who lived in that age of racial segregation and were forced not to follow their hearts if they ever did beat for someone of opposite color. This is why I chose to write this poem. It’s not long at all so your attention span shouldn’t stress.

The color of my skin
And that of your skin was not quite akin
So it’s no surprise your kin weren’t keen
on giving me your hand in marriage,
for apparently our love was a sin.

But together, we took a stand against them
And eventually they came to understand
That the love between me and you
Knows not anything about hue.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

Tell me

You need to overcome the tug of people against you as you reach for high goals.

George S. Patton

Tell me, how can my favorite cuisine
Bring me bliss after kissing your sweet lips?

Tell me, if I’ll still want to eat my favorite meal
After tasting those succulent lips of yours.

Tell me, if after laughing at your jokes
I will still find other things funny

Or if everything that doesn’t involve you
Will simply bring me doom and gloom.

Tell me, that I’ll still find bird-song pleasing
Even after listening to your mesmerizing voice.

Tell me, that the sunset shall remain resplendent
Even after I’ve gazed into your eyes and set sights upon your bright smile.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

Like the waves

If you want to change your reality then gear your thinking and speaking towards positivity.

Lazarus Shatipamba

As sure as the waves
come crashing onto the shore
depositing sediments
to construct a beach.

So did you
come into my life,
and like a wave you built me up.

Constructive not destructive
you deposited your positivity
and washed away my negativity.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

Love You Forever

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.

George Bernard Shaw

I will
love you, forever

I will, never
stop loving you

Even when your physical beauty
begins to fade with time
and it becomes nothing but a memory of yesterday
I will endeavor to make rhyme
my actions with my words.

And so
I will, never
stop loving you

For I made a vow
that I will
love you forever.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

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I’m in love, again

Believe in yourself, push your limits, and do whatever it takes to conquer your goals.

Retrieved from The Motivation app

I’m in love, again
after so many years
I’m in love again
with you, so I shed tears
of joy, cause I’m in love, again.

It’s been a while
but I’m in love again
although I risk much pain
by being in love again
I will smile a big smile
for I am in love again
with you.

With you I am in love
and although I risk much pain
I know there is much to gain
from being in love again.

So I smile a big smile
for after so many years
it’s good to know my heart
has not forsaken it’s art.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

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What I Want

Let it hurt, then let it go

Retrieved from Motivation App

Do you ever think about the things you want?
About why you want what it is you want
And if you should even want what you want?

I do, think about what i want
And when i do, i realize it’s you

You, who has no clue
That I’m blue without you.

And that i want you
Because life is brighter
When you are in it.

But like Liam Neesons daughter
You are already taken
So i should not be wanting you.

But i do, want you
More than the judge desires what is true
Because my life is not just blue without you
Its also darker when you are not in it.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

Like a bee

Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.

Coco Chanel

Like a bee
you were always busy
buzzing about in my brain
pollinating my mind with thoughts of you
so i began to dream and wonder
whether one day I’ll call you “Honey”.
but oh! how it stung
when i found out you are a queen
destined only for kings
too royal for a simple poet
whose only subject
is the topic of his poems

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

Featured Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay