Longing a Love Long Lost

Live with your whole being everyday of your life. Your reward will be true happiness. Rebecca Thomas Shane

Lightheaded and heavyhearted-

Like a sad dried up river in the desert.
Longing for the rains of your love not hate
That showers on the cracks of my mood
To leave me flowing in a blissful state.

Feeling faint from the thirst my heart has-
To be quenched by standing tall next to you,
So I don’t fall for you stall my weakness
And shine a light on the strength-
Hidden in the shadow of tomorrow
In who’s wake their sleeps no sorrow.

I am moments away from collapsing-
To the floor, for no longer are you here
To support me like strong Atlas holding
Upright the earth, from gravitating towards death.

Lightheaded and heavyhearted.
Feeling faint from the thirst my heart has,
I am moments away from collapsing-
To the floor for my will to stay alive
Has been torn to shreds by the claws
On the paws of your death.

© 2019 The Poets Peace

to a Chocolate Colored Lady

I dwell in possibility.

Emily Dickinson

Sometimes i like,
to sit in silence
and do absolutely
nothing at all.

Yet at the same time
also doing something.

Thinking of the chocolate colored lady
that strolled into my heart and made it her home.

passes me by like a stranger
i never met and had the anger for
because they never did put me in danger
of becoming an endangered species.

but you! brown-eyed beauty
are an entire species altogether.

for the way you changed my weather
from a winter very moody
to a spring truly happy
was like the hand of a goddess
that moved to caress
the feel of her dress
as it fell down her curves
to attract the eyes of men
like thirsty lions to a water hole.

It was a bad day
i had just been robbed
of all my ignorance

and i had a runny tummy
grumbling coz i had not the money
to spend on some munchies.

When she saw me and flashed
a smile, bright as a flashlight,
gently grabbed my hand tight
and held it light
in her hands as she led the way
to her favorite coffee shop.

Conversation freed our desire for food
yet we ate to compensate for the state
of our minds, that were working overtime
to make us smile and make the moment rhyme
in tune with the next six months of our lives.

The next six months were the best of my life
because although she and i were not married
we loved each other like we were men and wife.

Until she ended it to follow her dreams
of becoming a volunteer
for the UN and left my cheeks
flowing with the bittersweet tears
of hurt and joy.

© 2020 The Poets Peace

Did I Really?

Did i really,
Dream of you?
Or was it simply 
A figment of my fantasy?

Did i really,
Caress your lips with my own?
Did you and i really roam,
These sandy beaches hand in hand?

Did i really?
See you through the moon,
And hoped to see you soon?
Though it was still afternoon
And you'd just left;
Was i right,
To moon over you?
Like a satellite
Hoping you set my life alight.

If indeed i did,
Really dream of you.
Then i pray
That you eclipse my dreams
And sweep me beneath the tide of reality.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues,

but the parent of all others.