Write right

The most valuable thing i have learned in life is to regret nothing.

Somerset Maugham

And welcome
To my blog.

My name is
Lazarus Shatipamba
And I’m a pensive poet.

The poems

I’ve written
With my left hand
Are almost as good

As the ones
Written with my right.

© 2019 The Poets Peace



A room without books is like a body without a soul.

Marcus Tullius Cicero


I never grew up with a father.
That taught me to be a bike rider.
Nor did i grow up with a mother.
That sang me into a deep slumber.
I only had a grandma.
That taught me how to read.
As well as a grandpa.
That taught me how to lead.
Them will i forever,

Be grateful for.

Lazarus Shatipamba is a wormy bookworm that rarely ever sees the sun(except through the eyes of many a fictional character). His days are mostly spent stuck between the pages of a good book.
When he isn’t busy gathering dust in the library, then he is most likely writing some poetry(some of which may or may not be fictional)

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I knew I’d Write


since the day i first picked up a pen.
and had the urge to write some poetry.
i knew I’d write, till i grew to be a man.i wasn’t good, for i was a child then.
that wrote only, in verse that was free.
since the day i first picked up a pen-

that has not yet, rested since the day i began.
as I’ve been working, harder then a buzzing bee.
for i wanted, to be better as i grew to be a man.

i spent, more time in my father’s den.
comparing things to a growing tree.
since the day i first picked up a pen-

i grew older, and began writing for fun.
using the names, of things the eye could see.
so i b’came, good as i grew to be a man.

i now receive, much praise from the village clan.
saying that their eyes, did…

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Day 140 – Magic

The 365 Poetry Project

I have put so much magic
in places it shouldn’t have been

I have sores all over
from picking apart the times

If I’m raw it’s because I never healed
If I tell the truth it’s not the whole thing
I ate too much magic I couldn’t afford
and now I keep secrets from you

But oh, sometimes I believe
we live in a place
where magic is as magic does-
if I ripped open all those scabs
would they pour out glitter,
if I went back to that place
would you meet me there?

Of course, of course
you wait there still
where magic should never have been
but each time I go back I see
your shadow
and the blisters rise again.

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The Game of Chess

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay
They call it the black and white jungle
For you might not live for very long
Here, were danger lurks in every corner.

Always be ready for a battle
And watch out for dangers in the throng
Of this place they call the black and white jungle.

You will need to be a Grandmaster
Or in the very least, very strong
Here, were dangers lurk in every corner.

Safe, sound and secure in your castle
Is the place you should always belong
Not here in the black and white jungle.

Perhaps one day; when you are older
Looking back at days when you were young
In this place were danger lurks in every corner.

You will see everything clearer
And realise there is nothing wrong
In calling it the black and white jungle.
This place, were dangers lurk in every corner. 

The great and glorious masterpiece of humanity is to know how to live with purpose.