Validation from World

Is this a brilliant piece or what?


” Experiencelifethroughmostpreciouslens, notthroughthelensofcamera and someone’s excellent photography skills.”

Should I upload pictures of myself
In some elegant dress
To get the validation that
I am beautiful

Should I make a video
Every time I dance with joy
To get the validation that
I am happy

Should I proclaim
Yeah!! I am in love
To get the validation that
I also have a cute love story

Should I show you the tickets
Every time I go on a vacation
To get the validation
That I am also having fun

Should I make pointless conversation
With everyone around me
To get the validation
That I am social

Should I behave and talk
In a particular way and language
To get the validation
That I am educated

Should I tell the world
Every moment I breathe
To get the validation
That I am…

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Cries of the Poets Pain

Oh! how it puts a poet in much pain.
Counting syllable after syllable
Just to come up with the perfect refrain.

Five tercets, only a single quatrain
In which to tell my most fetching fable?
Oh! does it put a poet in much pain. 

How much longer can i suffer the strain
On my mind, of wanting to be able
To come up with the most perfect refrain?

Many a page on which i left a stain
Writing a refrain juicier than an apple.
Oh! how it puts a poet in much pain.

On days when my head is on a low plain
I sometimes wonder if my mind's stable
After thinking up the perfect refrain.

Was there really ever something to gain
In trying to write a good villanelle
Either than the cries of a poets pain
When he tries to make the perfect refrain?

However long the night, the dawn will break.

African proverb

The Game of Chess

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay
They call it the black and white jungle
For you might not live for very long
Here, were danger lurks in every corner.

Always be ready for a battle
And watch out for dangers in the throng
Of this place they call the black and white jungle.

You will need to be a Grandmaster
Or in the very least, very strong
Here, were dangers lurk in every corner.

Safe, sound and secure in your castle
Is the place you should always belong
Not here in the black and white jungle.

Perhaps one day; when you are older
Looking back at days when you were young
In this place were danger lurks in every corner.

You will see everything clearer
And realise there is nothing wrong
In calling it the black and white jungle.
This place, were dangers lurk in every corner. 

The great and glorious masterpiece of humanity is to know how to live with purpose.


Bradley, Brandon and Butlet.

Bradley, Brandon and Butlet
Bike beneath bridges
burn't by being bold.

Bradley, Brandon and Butlet
Banter badly,
By the back of black alley.

Bragging brazenly,
Because they
Bonded with blondes.

Boys believing babes
Be the bane to their pain.
Bastards! Busy blessing brothels.


Bradley, Brandon and Butlet
Brothers, from another mother
Became blue beneath bland weather.

Bradley; became bored
Before bothering bottles.
Bellowing; for beer in bars
Beating bunks, before basking
Blissfully behind brews.

Brandon; broke bones at random.
Brought, back-handed blows to foes
But believed benevolence binds brothers.

Butlet; brushed blushes aside
Braked busses beside bushes 
And busted better then before.


Bradley, Brandon and Butlet
Breathe by breeding bread.

Bred by bleeding blood
Beware, the banner
Of bad manners.

But be-aware, that these boys
Don't play fair.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breath away.


Did I Really?

Did i really,
Dream of you?
Or was it simply 
A figment of my fantasy?

Did i really,
Caress your lips with my own?
Did you and i really roam,
These sandy beaches hand in hand?

Did i really?
See you through the moon,
And hoped to see you soon?
Though it was still afternoon
And you'd just left;
Was i right,
To moon over you?
Like a satellite
Hoping you set my life alight.

If indeed i did,
Really dream of you.
Then i pray
That you eclipse my dreams
And sweep me beneath the tide of reality.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues,

but the parent of all others.


Back Then


When we were younger,
And all we had was our hunger,
For play.

When laughter came easily,
And everything else after
Was but an afterthought.

Back then who knew,
We would get older,
And have to look over
Our own shoulders.

Back then who knew,
What the world was really like?
That tag
Wasn't just a game kids played.
Where they tag you with labels,
And attack you with claims
Of what is right and wrong,
Demanding you learn it like a song.

Back then who knew,
That there are those hiding resources,
That the rest go on seeking.
That the plastic gun in my hand
Was a tool to silence your speaking.

When we were younger,
And all we had was a hunger for play.
Who knew that the games we played
Were but foreplay,
Leading to the bedroom of destruction.

Who knew?
There would be those with an affection,
To cause pain and disharmony.

Back then who knew,
That we would get older?
And have to look over our own shoulders.

Who knew, they would try to hold us down.
Turn our smiles upside down,
Till all we do is frown.

 Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.