An Ode to Meditation

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Benjamin Franklin

I sat, cross-legged like a monk
Preparing for his session
Of mindful meditation
In the comfort of the park.

I begin to close my eyes
Whilst bringing focus to breath
Of body, and that of earth
Out of which grow the lotus.

Deeply, i start to inhale
Gathering all the tension
In my lungs till retention
Of air i fail, so exhale.


Oh meditation! the guide
Into the realms of my soul,
Teaching me better control
Of my emotional state.


Oh meditation!


Are you aware how i feel
When my thoughts begin to clear
And i start to lose all fear,
Being tuned into what is real?

Oh meditation! I feel;
The light breeze cooling my skin,
The warmth of rays from the sun,
That my scars begin to heal.


I sat, cross-legged like a monk
By the ocean at sunset.
Waves crashing into feet
That are accustomed to walk.

With a mantra in my mind
And strong intent from my heart
I loudly begin to chant
To the rhythm of the west wind,

That blows distant sounds my way.


Oh meditation!


You blessed me with the present
Of practicing my presence
So i could grasp the essence
Of the now present moment.

Oh meditation! my thanks
For opening my chakras
And for reducing my stress
Levels from more to less.


© 2019 The Poets Peace 

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