Library Poetry

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. …so remember: great achievements take time, there is no overnight success.

Leo Tolstoy
I am seated by the desk, in the library
Writing poetry on my PC
Whilst two tan ladies sit beside me.
I wonder, whether they have noticed
That they are the objects of my fascination,
The inspiration behind this composition.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

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Hunting Success

The best way to ensure success is to never lose energy because things aren’t going as fast as you want them to.
If behavior
is the arrow
that aims you straight
to where you want to go.

Then mindset
is the bow
that shoots
you on your way.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2021

The Poets Peace

A Torn Man

The question isn’t who is going to let me; its who is going to stop me.

Ayn Rand

I am
A torn man.

Caught in the tug of war
Of three really beautiful ladies.

One tugs at my mind
The other at my heart
And the other, pulls at my penis.

I do not know
What to do

Do i extricate my mind?
And leave my heart blind to finding love,
And my penis burning with desire?

Or do i unclasp my heart?
From the grasp of the lady holding it
In exchange for a crazy mind
And a pissed penis?

Or do i follow where my penis points
And forget about making art
With the lady holding my heart?

And where shall i sow my seed
If i let go of the one my penis needs?

Such a dilemma i find myself in.

But i’ll have to choose, and soon
Lest i find myself being torn to pieces.

Lazarus Shatipamba

© 2019 The Poets Peace

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