Technology As A Blessing And A Curse

Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.


Good morning, afternoon and good evening fellow bloggers. Today’s challenge has asked a question of us…

 is technology a blessing before our eyes
or is it a curse in disguise?

Me, i was born in the twentieth century. Born into a world filled with all sorts of technology made to make the lives of people easier. So on these terms i’d say technology is indeed a blessing.

Technology has helped us connect with people from lands we’ve never set foot on.

no longer do we have to ruin our style 
by walking miles without a smile.
 no longer do we have to wait 
on the birds of the citadel to read our mail.

We have expanded our eyes beyond sight of the blue skies. Thanks in large part to the capabilities of technology; information, on any topic is widely available.

technology has brought us so much ease
as we, no longer freeze to death in the winter breeze.

Or go without food for thought, because of seven years of drought.

because of technology
I can keep up my energy
by eating food from the factory.
long after its beginning history.

Thanks to the power of technology, we don’t have to risk our lives by heading into a country only to find ourselves in the middle of a full blown civil war.

Thanks to tech, we can find that out in the safety and comfort of our homes and so choose to avoid any places being soaked in the blood of our brethren.

With this in mind, a world with technology should be a better place, right?

Not necessarily.

Technology, with it's helping hand
has unfortunately, also dealt us a mighty hand.

Lies, like butter on bread are spread on television in order to blur our vision.

we're being brainwashed into emotional zombies
that do nothing but disturb the peace.

Technology has made it easier for us to wipe ourselves out faster than it takes me to say, technology.

we've become relatively lazy
mentally, physically and spiritually.

With the invention of calculators, some people no longer think for themselves.
Technology is breeding a world of stupid people. Smart phones.

Also; because of technology, we’ve lost our emotional connection with the world, and ourselves.

we don't talk as much as we used to anymore
and when we do, it has nothing to do
with the things we wish we truly knew
but of silly things, of which we don't have a clue.

So, is technology a blessing before our eyes
or is it a curse in disguise?

I think only time will tell. If we destroy ourselves with it or not.

Five Apps I Could Not Live Without

If you love what you do and are willing to do what it takes, it’s within your reach.

Steve Wozniak

I almost did not write this post.

Not because i don’t have a favorite list of apps on my smartphone. But, because i miraculously have not had a phone for five months now (how this came to be is a story for another day).

Still going strong though.

I almost did not write this post. As i would be contradicting today’s challenge.

Me not having a phone for months should serve as living proof that one can indeed live without a phone. In fact, you can actually thrive.
The first few weeks were the worst, but i weathered them and i am now glad to say, that i have thoroughly enjoyed my time without the pressure from a modern cellular device.

I almost did not write this post.

Until i thought back to a time when i had a phone.

Which then made me think to myself; back when i had a phone, what were the apps i could not live without?


Image by Pettycon from Pixabay

No surprises here, as i constantly needed to have a close outlet for my free flowing mind. I used my notepad on average 2 many times a day. If you were a stray thought in my head, looking like you might be a building block to a masterpiece, then you went into the notepad.

2. Habithub

This awesome app comes in second, only because i’m a poet and a writing app was always going to top my list.

But, when it came to motivating me for the day, as well as maintaining a record of my habits, there was no app more fab than Habithub. I used this guy to help me set and follow a routine for making reading, exercising and meditating my daily habits.

What i most enjoyed about this app were the inspirational quotes it delivered to my notifications bar every morning.

3.LOA Library

In my highly opinionated view, this is by far the best repository app of books about the mind. Boasting the best Law Of Attraction books to be found anywhere, i used this app to educate myself about the power of my mind.


Image by Webster2703 from Pixabay

Instagram because all those poems written in the notepad needed somewhere to be posted and hopefully admired by the masses.

5. AnyAppThatPlayedMusic

This one just had to be here. I mean, what normal person in their right mind can live without music? If you know of any such person, tell us in the comment section. A poem needs to be penned of such a person.

That completes my list of five apps whose absence would have killed me. What are yours?

Why I Started Blogging

Your attention is the most important asset you have. Be deliberate with it.

Zat Rana

Someone give me a round of applause. Six days in, still going strong. My level of commitment doesn’t usually get this far.

Today’s challenge entails i tell a tale, of why i started with this blogging thing.

I started blogging for a number of reasons really.

Number one and probably least important, i started blogging because i got tired of writing in my journal(too many torn pages and not enough ink to think with my pen) and wanted to improve my writing skills.

Another reason i started blogging is because i had a strong desire to share my writings with the wider world. I thought perhaps i could influence a select few, in a manner that stops bad manners.

Mostly; i started blogging because i came across a blog, that blogged about how to make money by monetizing your blog. It all sounded so easy then.

start a blog.
write a few posts.
monetize your blog.

And viola! money while you sleep.

Well, turns out its not so easy. Or simple.

Five months in, 65+ odd posts later and still no money to be found in and around this blog of mine.

Which begs the question, why not just shut down my blog and start another quick money making scheme? (Perhaps some eCommerce in the universe of verse?)

Probably because i get more follows on my blog than on my Facebook page, more comments and likes then on my Instagram page, and more views then on my YouTube channel.

But; for the sake of my altruistic values , lets just say i blog because i love blogging.

I love reading posts from bloggers who may or may not be making mega bucks with their blogs. I love that i get to engage with interesting birds of a feather that flock together.

Also, I love that i’m constantly having to look at the world through the eyes of people who’s eyes I’ve never even seen before. I love it because it challenges me to write more, in ways I’ve never written before.

But mostly, i love it coz the potential to make money remains.

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

So there you have it ladies, gentleman and birds of a feather. My not so altruistic reasons for blogging. Tell us why YOU started blogging in the comment section below.

My Business [day 5 | Winter Blogging Challenge]

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

Jim Rohn

tomorrow, if i had the money
I'd open up a gallery.
not for many a painting, but
of poems by many a potent poet.

in my gallery, the main hall
would be accessible to all
who want to ponder poetry
of poets from many a city.

every month, it would host a show
aimed at aiding new poets, to grow
beyond their current level of skill
by mak'ng sure, the audience has a thrill.

but of course, tomorrow is not here yet.
so the ideas of this pensive poet
shall remain within his massive head
till the time comes, for him to take the lead.

© 2019 The Poets Peace

3 Things I Wish I Did Well

Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.

Les Brown

Who know’s how that old famous saying on wishes and beggars goes?

You? No?

Well that’s okay, as i only just now received a whisper in my ear from my best buddy Google. He says he thinks it goes something along the lines…

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Well folks, get your harnesses and stirrups ready coz we’re going on a ride. Where to? A hot, desolate desert i like to call The Three Things I Wish I Could Do Well.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Number one and probably most important, would be the ability to eat well.

You know; like a balanced diet and shit(please excuse my French, as it’s one area i desperately wish to excel in).

My diet now, currently consists of anything and everything your doctor warned you not to eat. Like for instance; yesterday i had 4 mugs of ice-cream for supper and 3 greasy burgers, 2 packs of gummy bears and a bottle of Bourbon for dessert.

Kidding. It wasn’t Bourbon, just a very young bottle of wine that looked real fine.

I really wish to start eating well; less i acquaint myself with grains of sand six feet under, way before my time.

If not for the benefit of my health, then at least to boost the relationship with my toilet as we’re currently not on good terms.

Image by Mittmac from Pixabay

For number two, my wish would be to be a better blogger.

The type of blogger that actually spends time connecting with other bloggers, not just commenting whenever it suits him best. A better blogger in the sense that i’ll make more time to thank other bloggers for liking my posts and following my blog.

And of course, joining in on conversations that have nothing to do with poetry or literature.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Finally; for number three i wish to be a better writer of prose than i am now as I’ve focused so much on my poetry that my prose has suffered as a result.

Don’t believe me?

The proof’s in this post, I’ve been writing it since about two weeks ago yet i’m still not happy with it. Thank goodness for laptops.

How much ink and paper would i have wasted in a world deprived of tech?

I know i probably won’t reach the skill level of Kent Wayne from or that of Christian Mihai from . But, if i was half as good as Shreya Vikram from then i would be extremely happy.

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Well, that’s it for our ride into wishing wells.

Thanks a lot for reading my crap to the end(Oops, there goes my French again).

What I’d Do for No Pay [day 3 | Winter Blogging Challenge]

In every difficult situation is potential value. Believe this, then begin looking for it.

Norman Vincent Peale

MONEY MAKES MANKIND go round. That's what all the sages say.
So in an alternate world that does not revolve around money,
What are the three things I, Lazarus Shatipamba would do for no pay?

Number One
Believe it or not,
I, Lazarus Shatipamba would be president
For no pay whatsoever.

I would live entirely off the many benefits
Afforded to presidents.

LIKE having my :
- safety secured
- travel taken care of
- accommodation acquired
- staff sorted.

As I feel like there's no point
To receiving a salary, so I'd rather have it remain in the budget.

To help in buying some tissues
For those crying from the issues
Plaguing my nation today.

I know they will not bring about jubilation,
But at least they can soothe the masses while i work on a solution.
To better decrease problems like pollution.

Plus; i would not need the money anyways, as my First Lady
Surely earns enough for the both of us.
She can be the breadwinner in the family.

I am not too greatly shamed by that. In fact, it does not shame me at all.

Number Two
In a world were money does not make the world go round,
I would make sure my knowledge goes around--
By choosing to teach for free.

To be like a sculptor, shaping the minds of future generations
Into creations--
Worthy of being looked at.

Number Three
Is for that which brings me glee.

It does not matter. Whether money makes the world go round,
As it was always scripted in the stars. That i am bound
To write poetry.

© 2019 The Poets Peace

My Dream Life

We can stay young by focusing on a dream instead of on a regret.


In my younger years, the dream was always to become an engineer. The thought of solving complex mathematical equations always made my mouth salivate. While the notion of being at the forefront of development on my continent filled me with great pride, I am sad to say that I’m older now and such fancies are no longer anchored in the harbor of my mind.

Image by joffi from Pixabay

I got better fantasies to muse about now.

The dream now is simply to tour the world as a Performance Poet by speaking up against the injustices threatening to tear our beautiful world apart. In my minds eyes, i would be visiting a different place at least every month, learning about the culture and reveling in many a tasty cuisine.

Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

Many of you will try to tear my dream apart with questions like, “You know poetry does not pay, right?”

Yes i know poetry does not pay, at least not enough to fund the sort of lifestyle i plan to live.

Which is why i also harbor the dream of one day owning my own business; as the economic situation in my country is really quite dire, and i tire from constantly applying for jobs that raise the level of my ire. Or jobs that simply don’t pay enough to allow one to live a comfortable life.

This is the main motivation behind the notion, of starting a business that will hopefully liberate me and many others from financial ruin.

I would love to say that i will own a Lamborghini; have a mansion by the seaside, with a fine view of many a lady’s bikini. But the truth is, the world does not need another reckless driver with a need for speed so great it makes him bleed. Nor does it need another aristocrat that gives not a crap for the average man on the street.

Image by Jiří Rotrekl from Pixabay

Fast cars, mansions and money were the dream of that younger, aspiring engineer with a leer.

Sure i wouldn’t mind having plenty money or gorgeous girls chasing after me. I simply realize that those things will not bring me any closer to happiness then i already am now.

The me now, just want’s to sow seeds that will help him grow spirituality and mentally. And I can do that fine in my future caravan. I see myself taking long sabbaticals into the deep forests of the wild, simply to enjoy my solitude and the company of nature in complete silence. Far from the sirens of many an ambulance in the city .

In addition, i see myself growing into a modern day monk. That’s so patient he could out wait a tree because he’s living in a constant state of mindfulness; seeing reality for what it truly is, and not behind the lens of an ego that sees itself as the main point which life revolves around.

Image by Ama Dam Vila from Pixabay

Additionally, I dream of falling in love with the lady of my dreams, and sailing away on our honeymoon on a cruise ship to the Caribbean, making babies and eventually settling down to write novels in my older, more mature years.

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

BUT; to be completely honest, the above mentioned are not really my biggest dreams. All of them pale in comparison to my biggest dream of all, which is to live in an era without terror.

An era of complete and utter WORLD PEACE.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay