Cry With The Rain

Happy Thursday all. Thanks for joining me today. I’ve been absent from the blogosphere recently on account of feeling a bit under the weather.
Upon my return, I was blessed to come across the beautiful poem you are about to read.

As a poet, you know I’m a sucker for repetition and rhyme, but even more than that I love figurative language and a positive message. This poem by The Ink Owl is really a well-crafted piece which I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading as much as I.

The Ink Owl

when your edges have become rough and dried out

and your roots can find no source of inspiration or joy

when taller trees shadow your failing leaves

and the ground cracks beneath your woes

cry with the rain

what wrents to your soul become

can only be shown by tears from above

let the shining drops in to your damaged parts

crystalline liquid will sooth your most tortured soul

cry with the rain

for when we fail and break down

only then can the rains come to heal

though our ground may be harrowed deep

life’s blood is bolstered by this downpour

cry with the rain

let these wounds heal

let ourselves become firm and strong

lift our leaves to embrace each falling tear

wash away what was to reveal what is

cry with the rain

-M.E. InkOwl

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